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WPF modular spreadsheet

WPF modular spreadsheet is a WPF clone of the core features of Excel spreadsheet. It does not have Macros, Solver, and its graph capabilities are disabled yet, although existing in the code.
The WPF modular spreadsheet has been made more extensible than its original cloned software in several ways:

1. New spreadsheet functions can be added from external assemblies using the AddInFunctions class attribute.

2. A docking space has been added in the spreadsheet, so that graphs or any other module view can easily be pinned, reduced, restored and arranged in the document.

3. It is possible to register, login and logout to access to server-based services (those services are not yet provided in the source code).

4. A “table-based” search is made possible in the spreadsheet; tables created in the spreadsheets are dynamically transformed into objects structures that are passed to any modules implementing the IDataModule interface, so that it can fetch data on a server etc.

Because all the spreadhsheet is based on WPF, all sheet objects (Cells, Rows, Colums, Tables etc…) implement INotifyPropertyChanged, and it is easy to build new graphs dynamically refreshed when the spreadsheet values are updated.

All the source code is open, but it is yet using Devxpress Docking framework, the best on the market. It would be interesting to replace it using AvalonDock in a fork (

Spreadsheet customization features

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