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The following features are aplnned, in order:

1. Integrate Avalon Dock and remove DevXpress dependencies.
2. Integrate a WPF grid with groupable sortable columns
3. Virtualize the WPF grid to support million rows. Connect to a RavenDB backend.
4. Add a .NET object mapper, that can match collections in spreadhseet tables and properties in spreadsheet cells.
Use simple drag and drop of object properties for the mapping. This mapping will replace the "Excel macros".
5. Save a worksheet with the following attributes: big data tables, grids, .NET objects mapped.
Zip everything into the spreadsheet document.
6. Create a timeline in the spreadhsheet, and make it possible to have self-referent formulas dealing with time,
such as CELL[T] = CELL[T-1]*1.1
7. Define CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) privileges in any area of the worksheet, and allow the user to
publish his worksheet with the correct rights. Apply those rights on the following groups: Everyone /
Registered users / Invited users, and allow any users to manage this 3 groups on his portal.

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